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A guiding principle, in life as well as in my practice, is Proverbs 3:27: do not withhold good from those to whom it is due when it is in your power to act.

My parents divorced when I was 12 years old; that process caused me to see both the good and harm that can come through the civil justice system and sparked my interest in the law. I served as president of my high school speech club, applied for scholarships to UT, worked my way through my undergraduate degree and law school, and started my own firm straight out of law school because the big law firms I interviewed with seemed out of touch with my desire for client interaction and direct connection. Practicing a variety of cases my first five years (1980-1985) gave me a solid overview and led me to the personal injury field.  I’ve limited my practice to representing Texans injured by the negligence of others since 1985.

I invest the time to prepare each case for trial. Most cases settle prior to trial, saving the client the financial and emotional risks of an unpredictable outcome, precisely because I lay detailed foundations before trial. I’ve been privileged to represent the families of wrongful death victims; parents with serious and life altering injuries; children injured or killed by the carelessness of others; drivers hit by 18-wheelers and commercial vehicles; and to earn jury verdicts or settlements in excess of $1,000,000.

I enjoy representing children and have been approved by the Travis County District Judges to serve as a court-appointed Guardian ad Litem, protecting children injured by the negligence of others.

By writing and presenting on a variety of personal injury topics at seminars by the State Bar of Texas, the University of Texas School of Law, the American Association for Justice, and other legal organizations, I share knowledge, gain the respect of colleagues, and further my expertise. I believe in collaborating with colleagues and have been recognized as a mentor by the Texas Trial Lawyers Association (the John Howie award) and by the Capital Area Trial Lawyer Association (the inaugural Scott Ozmun Trial Lawyer of the Year award).

A guiding principle, in life as well as in my practice, is Proverbs 3:27: do not withhold good from those to whom it is due when it is in your power to act. Those who entrust me with their injury claims help me convince insurers and juries to not withhold good from those to whom it is due. The practice of law is a business, a profession, and a calling.

Judy Kostura
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Judy Kostura
Rated by Super Lawyers

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Judy Kostura
Rated by Super Lawyers

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Judy Kostura
Rated by Super Lawyers

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Gene Cavin Award for Excellence

On May 24, 2022, The State Bar of Texas announced Judy Kostura as the 2022 recipient of the Gene Cavin award for Excellence in Continuing Legal Education. This award has been described as a lifetime achievement award; the bar describes it: Nominations for the Gene Cavin Award are solicited from the State Bar of Texas Board of Directors, CLE Committee members, and past award recipients. The award was established by the CLE Committee in 1989 and recognizes long-term participation in State Bar CLE activities.

Judy presents every year at the State Bar’s Advanced Personal Injury Law and in the University of Texas’ Law School’s Car Wrecks Seminar, and teaches frequently at Trucking and Commercial Vehicle Cases, Advanced Evidence and Discovery, Damages, and at Texas Trial Lawyers Association’s seminars. These leadership roles benefit clients as she acquires the most current knowledge of Supreme Court opinions, successful negotiating strategies and hones her trial skills.

The award is named in honor of Gene Cavin, the founder of the Professional Development Program, who during his service from 1964 to 1987, lifted the level of practice in Texas while bringing the program to international prominence.

“The Top Trial Lawyers in America”

Judy was recognized as a Champion of Justice in November 2019 by Texas Watch, a non-partisan citizen advocacy organization dedicated to holding insurers and corporations accountable to Texas families.

This award epitomizes Judy’s dedication to injured clients and broader commitment to ensuring justice for all injured people. She was honored by Texas Trial Lawyers Association in 2013 for legislation reforming insurance laws and protecting Texans (HB 1869, Chapter 140, Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code). The award featured flags flown over the Capitol on the day the legislation passed the House, Senate, and was signed by Gov. Perry. Judy was presented with a United States flag in 2019 by a South Dakota colleague to thank her for educational efforts to personal injury lawyers across the nation.

Equally meaningful are the thank you notes from her clients over the last forty years for detailed, faithful and compassionate advocacy during their cases. Her favorite: the bouquet of roses after closing argument but before the winning verdict was announced; the client expressed thanks for all that had been done to inform and persuade the jury to get it right. Click Here to read those notes.

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With a combined 75+ years of experience, you can rest assure that your case will be handled with professionalism, care, and the best possible representation in Texas.


Proven Record

Our record of success is not only with clients, but the broader community as well with the passing of HB 1869. This bill reformed insurance laws across the state of Texas.

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Important Update from Judy Kostura and Stan Putman:

Judy Kostura and Stan Putman are delighted to share some exciting news. Judy has embarked on a new journey, dedicating her expertise to Sorrels Law, and Stan is now an integral part of Just Well Law.

You can continue to connect with them through this website, or explore their new professional homes at sorrelslaw.com and well.law. Their commitment to delivering top-notch legal services remains steadfast, and they look forward to serving you in their new capacities.

Alternativley, Judy can now be directly reached at Judy@SorrelsLaw.com and Stan at Stan@Well.Law